A real American housewife


Hello world! I am a real American housewife. Forget every thing you have seen on reality shows, this is reality. My husband has a good job and makes a good salary. Like most Americans we have not been financially responsible in the past. Truthfully we are up to our eyeballs in medical debt and other debt. Like most people we haven’t always lived within our means. That all changes today! Now don’t worry this isn’t a sad story about our financial demise. This is a journey, my journey, possibly your journey.  We embark together to a land of promise! Okay that’s a little over the top. I want to share our story of 3 crazy kids, a workaholic husband and a real American housewife many faults and all. So join me as we get through these tough times together. We will get there through laughter, tears, hard work and love.


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